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Kennel Aziz 20th anniversary

Kennel Aziz 20th anniversary

Kristina, Nina & Stina

An excellent breeder!


Teemu pouring champagne

Darin with breeder Stina

Congratulations Kennel Aziz!

The most successful Aziz Salukis & all the International Champions
(So far 37 International Champions, 79 National Champions, 15 working Champions)





Best Dog at the Saluki Speciality: "Paddy Potter" Cane Zadan at the age of 12 months.

Qaside with her handler Johanna & proud owner Pirjo. Qaside was Best Bitch-2 out of 114 bitches at the Saluki Speciality.

Cashme with her handler Jurijs

Marika & Sirpa

Sanja & Shalil

Janette & Ejare

Cane Zadan with his owner Sirpa

Cane Zadan with his owner Sirpa

Aziz Breeder's Groups, black/silver & red fawn, the black group won Best In Show.

Red fawn group with Chakad & Pasi, Chameh & Tommy, Cane Zadan & Darin, Chanda & Teemu

BIS Black/Silver group with Xanom & Stina, Shalil & Sanja, Qadim & Marika, Uzziah & Pinja

Al-Shên Naar El Shaitaan (sire of the Aziz C-litter) & owner Camilla, Progeny Group:
Chakad & Pasi, Cane Zadan & Pinja, Chanda & Marika, Cashme & Sanja, Chameh & Tommy

Stina with Mahtab

M-sisters Mahtab & Mavaddat at the age of 10 years

Bavar moving


C-sisters: Cashme, Chameh, Chanda

Cane Zadan moving

Cashme & handler Jurijs

Chameh & owner Camilla

Chanda & owner Teemu

D-sisters: Darai & Didar

Darai & handler Pinja

Didar & handler and owner Janette

Breeder Stina with her daughter Janette & E-puppies Ezdar and Ejare

Champion dogs, black/silver Zendegi with Janette

Zendegi moving

Yavand moving


Yadawari & handler Darin

Ziba & owner Nina

Vazeh moving


Xanom moving with breeder & owner Stina


Uma & handler Darin

Uma & handler Darin

Uma & handler Darin at the World Winner Show in Sweden

Uzziah & handler Darin at the World Winner Show in Sweden, Uzziah became a Swedish Champion!

Qaside & handler Janette

Qadim moving

Champion girls Shalil, Uma & Xanom

Ziba, Vazeh & Salam

Kennel Aziz 20th anniversary

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